From pre-cinema to post-internet…

Media art is a broad domain, reaching from pre-cinema to post-internet, from bio-art to artists' moving image, and from performance to the development of new soft- or hardware. It is an umbrella term for forms of art making that specifically use forms of media and technology in order to create poetic images and situations.

In the Media Art studio at KASK, students develop a personal approach to media art through courses, studio practice and projects.

In the theoretical and practical lessons, the students acquire introductory knowledge, skills and context in various media such as audio, video, digital media, programming and electronics. In the bachelor there are also a number of fundamental practical and theoretical courses that are shared by all trajectories within the Fine Arts. In the master, all the theoretical courses are offered in the form of seminars, and the students choose a number of subjects that connect to their master project.

But the core of the Media Art trajectory is the student's own studio practice, with personal mentoring by the studio teachers. In their own work the students develop their own voice and build the foundations for their subsequent art practice. On a regular basis the results of this are discussed in collective critiques.

The theoretical courses are geared towards offering a conceptual context for the individual work and help the student reflect, speak and write on their practice.

The full program of our trajectory can be consulted here.

The Media art studio is housed in a former textile school in Ghent, in walking distance from the Bijloke site.

We have multi-purpose and specialized working spaces in a large studio. There are facilities to work on video editing, 3D, game design, VR, AI, sound and music.

The studio is a place where students can grow in a trusted environment by working and living together. It is a place for initiative and engagement, for failing better.

an impression of the studio

The studio is also involved in a number of research projects. The students experience these in the form of workshops and the availability of very specific know how and facilities within the studio.

Currently, we are hosting two research labs: Formlab, a workshop for digital fabrication, and Laboratorium, an experimental lab for art, design and biotechnology.

These research projects are currently ongoing or have been completed.

Many of our ex-students are autonomous artists or work in the audiovisual and creative sector, in the performing arts or in education.


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